Monday, May 9, 2011

Have You Lost Your Traffic Ticket and You Need to Request a Waiver or Trial in Maryland?

Have you been stopped in Maryland and issued a payable traffic ticket only to lose your tickets and now you want to request a waiver hearing or trial?  We have the solution, at the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr, LLC, as an aggressive traffic ticket attorney in Maryland, we think all clients should have the option of requesting a waiver hearing or trial for their Maryland traffic citations.

To request a waiver hearing or trial for your traffic ticket and you've lost your tickets, follow these easy steps:

  1. You need your ticket numbers. Go to our Maryland Case Search Website and click on "Maryland Judiciary Case Search."  You will be directed to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search page.  If you have questions regarding the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, read our help page on Maryland Judiciary Case Search.
  2. Type in your last and first name. Once the search produces a result, write down the ticket numbers for the citations you would like to request a hearing or trial.
  3. Go to our "Request a Waiver Hearing or Request Trial Hearing Form"  If you have more questions or would like to learn more, visit our MVA Hearing and Trial Page.
  4. Complete the form with your ticket numbers and required information and send to the MVA, remember you must complete this process within 30 days after your traffic stop.
  5. Wait for the MVA to send you a notice of a trial date.  You may want to send the form certified mail, return receipt to ensure that the MVA receives the form.
We always recommend that you go to Court with an experienced Maryland traffic ticket attorney.  Contact us at 410-288-2900 to discuss how a traffic citation attorney can benefit your case and reduce the consequences in Court.

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