Monday, May 16, 2011

Maryland's Most Common Traffic Violations

Below find the most common traffic citations in Maryland:
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TA = “Transportation Article” of the Maryland Vehicle Laws

TA 21-801.1: Exceed Max Speed
TA 13-401 (b) Operating Unregistered Motor Vehicle
TA 13-410 (h) Driving with Suspended Registration
TA 13-409 (b) Fail to Display Registration Card on Demand
TA 13-411 (d) Driving without Current Tags
TA 13-411 (g) Display Registration Plate Issued to Another
TA 13-703 (g) Unauthorized Display and Use of Registration Plate
TA 16-101 (a) Driving Without a License
TA 16-112 (c) Fail to Display License on Demand
TA 16-113 (h) Violating License Restriction
TA 16-115 (f) Driving With an Expired License
TA 16-116 (a) Failure to Notify Administration Address Change
TA 16-303 (c) Driving on Suspended License and Privilege
TA 16-303 (d) Driving on Revoked License and Privilege
TA 16-303 (f) Driving on Suspended Out of State License
TA 16-303 (h) Driving While License Suspended Under (17-106, 26-204, 26-206, 27-103)
TA 17-107       Driving Uninsured Vehicle
TA 21-201 (a)(1) Failure to Obey Traffic Device
TA 21-202 (h)(1) Fail to Stop at Steady Circular Red Signal
TA 21-202 (i)(1) Fail to Stop at Red Signal Before Right Turn
TA 21-301 (a) Failure to Drive Right of Center
TA 21-304 (c) Driving Off Road While Passing Vehicle
TA 21-308 (a) Driving Wrong Direction on One Way Road
TA 21-309 (b) Unsafe Lane Change
TA 21-310 (a) Following Vehicle too Closely
TA 21-402 (a) Fail to Yield to Oncoming Traffic on Left Turn
TA 21-707 (a) Failure to Stop at Stop Sign
TA 21-801 (a) Speed Greater Than Reasonable
TA 21-801 (b) Failure to Control Speed to Avoid Collision
TA 21-901.1 (a) Reckless Driving
TA 21-901.1 (b) Negligent Driving
TA 21-901.2 Aggressive Driving by Committing, at the same time or during a single continuous period, 3 or more of the following violations (21-202 Traffic lights with steady indication, 21-203 Overtaking and passing vehicles, 21-304 Passing on Right, 21-309 Driving on landed roadways, 21-310 Following too closely, 21-403 Failure to yield right-of-way, or 21-801.1 Exceeding a maximum speed limit or posted maximum speed limit)
TA 21-902 (a)(1) Driving Under Influence of Alcohol
TA 21-902 (a)(2) Driving Under Influence of Alcohol Per Se
TA 21-902 (b)(1) Driving While Impaired by Alcohol
TA 21-902 (c)(1) Driving While Impaired by Drug(s) or Drug(s) and Alcohol
TA 21-902 (d)(1) Driving While Impaired by Controlled Dangerous Substance
TA 21-1117 (c) Drive Spinning Wheels
TA 22-412.2 (d) Failing to Secure child under 8 in child safety seat when transporting in motor vehicle
TA 22-412.3 (b) Operator, Occupant under 16  not restrained by seat belt or child safety seat
TA 22-412.3 (c) Passenger age 16 or more in outboard front seat of motor vehicle without seat belt restraint